ETS H5P Studio

You made it! Nice to have you here.

The UBC Educational Technology Support team (part of the Faculty of Education) intends to use this WordPress site as an authoring environment for H5P objects. It is free to use and hosted in BC. You can create content using H5P and make it public, keep it private, or export it yourself. You are in control.


As you begin to use this WordPress site, please review and abide by the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use.


We are grateful to OpenETC for hosting this H5P-enabled WordPress server so we can create interactive content and objects. Both H5P and WordPress are open source technologies, and we acknowledge the community that built these tools. We also thank eCampusOntario and others for developing the H5P Studio concept. We will share our knowledge and experience as we embark on this endeavour. This site was created using the Canvas Course Clone theme.